3 Apr 2011

With spring comes all sorts of interesting critters around here. During our morning walks lately we’ve been seeing quail and a couple of roadrunners. Then recently in our yard, Mother Hummingbird built a nest not five feet from our kitchen window (she’s right in the center of the first picture.) The closeup of the nest doesn’t do it justice, as it’s about 1.5″ across! Unfortunately putting the nest there means that every time we open the door she flies off. At night she seems to know to sit tight when I let out Midi, so that’s good.

Then, yesterday I was putting in an avocado tree and saw this little guy in the mulch I gathered. He’s either a skink or a salamander, pretty cool either way because they’re fairly rare due to SoCal being semi-arid.

Oh yeah, then there’s Midlana. Made a goofy-looking brace to hold the very stiff shifter cables where they need to be, to stay away from the firewall panel. Next was starting in on the firewall interface to the center tunnel, which might mean replacing the existing lower stainless firewall, but no biggy.

In other news, there’s a magazine sniffing around for an article… more news on that as it develops.