3 April 2017

Well it’s been a while!

Still burnt out working on Midlana; just thinking about finishing the sanding is enough to be happy about continuing work on the fish pond. A ton of time has gone into RDF V2.0 (Rotating Drum Filter). This one is a from-scratch kick-ass unit which should last for many years. The garage looks like a tornado hit, such was the cost of spending all the time building it instead of cleaning up.

With the filter nearly done, attention will turn back toward the fish pond proper; need to get all the hard work done before the hot weather arrives.

In other news, while walking the dog I saw this little guy sitting in the middle of the street, a very young bird just learning to fly. At that age they either don’t know yet what to fear, or just freeze when something comes close, but once on my finger he seemed fine, singing away. I put him in some bushes so hopefully he’ll live to see many days.

Once the garage is cleaned up I’ll finally have time to get back on Midlana. I need to drive it… it’s been sitting too long.