3 April

Odds and ends:

The new turbo manifold is done other than the support brace. Some people hang a 20-pound turbo on a manifold cantilevered off a vibrating block and wonder why the manifold cracks; hopefully the brace will eliminate that.

During disassembly, the knock sensor was found to be completely loose in its mount. Lovely…

The deburring wheel was replaced. These $60-100 wheels are expensive but are magic for what they do, one lasts about one car project 🙂

Instead of adapting the existing air filter box, a cylindrical air filter is mounted straight to the turbo inlet. Haven’t decided where it’ll get air from yet.

The water pump housing was removed since it’s going on the new block. A new water pump was ordered as a precaution since the age of the old one was unknown. With the housing off the block and on the bench I fixed the alignment of the alternator mount that was causing the belt to wipe laterally across the water pump pulley, rubbing off the anodizing. I figured if that was happening it wasn’t doing the belt any favors.

The rear engine mount doesn’t look good – this may well be the source of the clunking I was hearing getting on and off the gas. It appears that the inner steel bushing wore through the urethane, though I don’t understand how. The urethane will probably be replaced with Delrin; the stiffer material isn’t too big a deal since it’ll only see pressure (and transmit vibration) under acceleration.

The bottom third of the rear panel was cut out, not a huge loss since it was really beat up from the off at Willow Springs. The intercooler was mocked up more or less in position, where it’ll be stared at for a while in order to figure out how the puzzle is going to fit together. The idea is get air from under the car to flow through the intercooler and into the low pressure area behind the car – I just have no idea if that’s going to work. Theoretically there’s a low pressure area behind the car that can be used to pull air through the intercooler. On the other hand, the fast moving air under the car is at a low pressure as well and might be lower than the pressure behind the car. Because I don’t know which region has lower pressure, I can’t even say for sure which way the air’s going to want to flow through the core. Due to not knowing, space will be left for a radiator fan on the intercooler, sucking air in from under the car and blowing it out the back. A new lower panel or mesh will fill in around the intercooler.

Aluminum tubing U-bends will be ordered this week both for fabricating the intercooler end tanks and pointing the various hoses in the right directions.

Lastly, a good friend who’s roughly my same age retired this week. Aside from losing a parent, having someone my own age retiring hits me again regarding my own situation: how long will I live, where do I want to live, what do I want to do, how much do we need in order to be able to do that, and on and on and on. Anyway, I’m going to miss our conversations, Joe!