3 Aug 2014

Turns out that the shortened alternator bolt/guide had just unscrewed itself, but enough is enough. The first picture shows the situation; the two bolts along the bottom of the alternator (not visible) result in the top mount being located almost exactly 0.375″ off the block. In the foreground is where the bolt (that kept breaking) screws into the block. Notice an identical mounting surface in the background. That hole was used along with the empty bolt hole midway between them to create a triangulated mount. As it is now, the long alternator bolt screws into the new mount only, not into the block as before; I think it’ll work but we’ll see. If it doesn’t, the threaded hole in the bracket will be drilled out and the bolt allowed to once again screw into the block. Time will tell.

In other news, having grown up in SoCal I’m unfamiliar with really humid weather. I now have a better appreciation of what people in Georgia or Florida deal with, as yesterday it was raining yet I was sweating like a pig in the garage. Today I was going to drive Midlana over to visit mom but the weather again looked iffy. Good thing that I kept it in the garage as I would have gotten quite the shower!