3 Jul 2009

We’re beginning to suspect that Midi-Dog may have been mistreated by a man. He has no problem with my wife but with me he’s a bit unsure. One time I raised my arm to point at something and he acted as if I was going to hit him. Later when I was near his face he was really concentrating on my breathing – it reminds him of something unpleasant I think. He’s a bit skittish, too, more so around me than my wife so who knows what life he’s led.

Cooper was really easy to read, his facial expression, breathing, and tail always gave away his thoughts. This little guy, well, I wouldn’t want to play cards with him – he’s tough to read; his face doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t wag his tail much. My brother adapted a dog with (we suspect) a similar past and it took several months for the little guy to come out of his shell. Anyhow, he’s here on the floor, snoring (Midi, not my brother…)