3 Jun 2012

Been busy, just haven’t been posting. Finished the wiper system, having relocated the pivots and bent the arms to tuck out of the way. Also plumbed the push/pull cable that actuates them (through aluminum tubing that you can see if you look closely. The drive motor was placed in the storage compartment as far forward and to the right as possible.

Removed most of the panels and drilled the chassis holes in anticipation of rivnuts. Doing it now means not risking tearing the plastic-like powdercoat later on. There’s a lot of stuff running down the center “tunnel”, called thatĀ  so everyone knows what it is, not because there’s any driveshaft involved – and not having a driveshaft saved a ton of space.

The fourth picture with the vertical yard stick, is where an additional tube may be placed to stiffen the chassis, cut down on wind buffeting, and lessen the chance of getting struck directly be rocks kicked up by the front tires. My only hesitation is that it really changes the look of the car. Have to think about it.

Something not on the to-do list was how my shoe kept catching on the throttle cable bracket (first footwell picture is “before.”) The more I played with it the more evident it became that it would drive me nuts, so there went about four hours, fabricating a proper bracket that recesses the throttle cable end into the center “tunnel.” Should have done it this way right from the start. Yes I could have driven the car as it was, and yes those are hiking shoes, but it’s nice to know that (now) I can just hop in the car and drive it – like a real car – instead of having to change shoes or worse, having to drive barefoot.

Having the roll cage is very handy for lifting yourself up and out of the car. The only catch is that it’s all too easy to put all your weight directly on the aluminum floor panel – not good. Two additional tubes were added right where my foot always wanted to go when getting out.

Picked up a louvered panel that may be used to vent off hot air rising up off the header. I kind of like it but it does make the rear of the car a bit more busy. I need to decide whether to go this route or instead make a stainless heat-shield that’ll mount below the cover – being invisible. Doing that would allow a clean engine cover, but it may be a bit too clean, as in a huge expansive panel. Louvers could break that up visually. Still time to decide. What do you think?

Turns out that there’s yet another nest (I think we’re up to five this year), a gnat-catcher/swallow sort of bird that built a mud nest up under the eves. Lucky for her I didn’t see it under construction or I’d have hosed it off. Insistent chirping alerted us that there’s now a big family up there and sure enough there’s about about 4-5 big babies crammed in the nest.

Work continues on the car this week, hopefully checking off some remaining itemsĀ on the to-do list.