3 Sep 2012

750 rivets later and the floor panels are in; the open gap being where the fuel tank slides in. On the floor in the second picture is a pneumatic rivet gun – highly recommended! I must have used a slightly different size drill bit for the rivets on Kimini. There they went right in while on Midlana I’m having to drill out the paint on every rivet hole. Found a few incomplete (non-critical thankfully) welds… oops. Found a few hiding bits and pieces in the garage which should have been painted; they’ll be dropped off tomorrow. A few other bits will be left as bare aluminum but Alodine-coated, which looks nice and is easy to do. Realized that I’d completely forgotten about the wire harness on the engine which still needs wrapping.>

Almost ended up with a second dog. I was walking Midi when a tan pitbull-mix came running up – always a dicey situation but he was young and very playful. Looked around and there was no owner and he had no tags. He ended up following us all the way home but was uninterested when offered food and water. He was a bit skittish, much like Midi when we got him (Midi was found on the street, too.) Being a holiday there was no way to take him to the Humane Society and I didn’t trust putting the two of them in our yard until I knew they’d really get along, especially since Midi is very defensive of the yard. The dog ended up getting distracted by another dog being walked by and followed it – I wish him well. Later, Midi was taking a nap and dreaming, wagging his tail – with his hair standing up on his back, he must have been playing with his new friend. If it hadn’t been a holiday… well, who knows.