30 Apr 2014

Removed the slip-lock connector that was slipping instead of locking, which feeds MAP from the throttle body to a distribution block, then on to the wastegates. It was going to be replaced with a barbed fitting, but after it was removed it became clear why it was slipping. The first picture shows the fitting with the hose in position. The blue collar is pushed toward the fitting to retract internal barbs that retain the hose, allowing removal. The second picture shows the barbs… only that fitting is the replacement part. The third picture is of the removed fitting… no barbs! So where’d they go?! They either got pulled out along with the hose and fell off, or sucked into the intake manifold. Let’s hope that they got pulled out…

In other news, as proof that global warming is happening, it’s in the mid-90s today, so doing the above was about the extent of the garage work. I don’t ever remember a Santa Ana (hot desert winds) happening in April; they usually happen in October or so.

Lastly, I think I’ve mentioned how care is needed when the front cover is tilted up so that wind doesn’t blow it shut… well that finally happened while I was distracted, working on the car last weekend on the side of the road. It put two nice scratchs in the edges of the paneling, right where the locking pins slide down outside the bodywork instead of dropping straight into the holes. Oh well, it builds character.