30 Dec 2014

Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands, including stopping by the Apple store. Like always, the place resembles a block party, and even in the middle of a work day there were about 200 people there. Right when we walked in, a young person in baggy pants and a hoodie turned from the nearest table and bolted past us out the door. About two seconds later the alarms went off – he’d cut the wires on two display iPhones and run off with them. What I can’t figure out is what he’s going to do with them. Within minutes Apple remote-bricked them, so they can’t be used for anything other than maybe an iTunes player. Sucks to be the loser who buys it and tries to connect to the web…

Talked to the dry sump pump manufacturer and they not unexpectedly said that there should be no strange noises from the system. I asked if there was such a thing as too much vacuum and they said “10-13 inches of vacuum is best” but I don’t know if that’s anecdotal or actual fact. Any any case I’ll buy a vacuum gauge to see what it is, and check around with a wood dowel held to my ear to find the source of the noise.

Anyway, Sunday and today were spent making the new air filter box, which I thought sure I’d have done today – almost made it. Instead of powder coating the part they’ll just get Alodyne coated and be left bare. Pictures tomorrow.

Tonight there’s a forecast of snow(!) down to 1000 foot altitude. The last time it snowed around here was 1967 – I know because we made a small snowman when I was a kid in elementary school.