30 July 2017

I’ve always had a passing interest in hydroponic and aquaponics – growing vegetables without soil – but never enough to bother setting up a system. With the pond up and running we found ourselves with a spare IBC container and expanded clay pellets, left over from a previous filter setup. Since it was “free”, a test bed was set up; a small pump constantly feeds water to the container and when it’s within 2″ of the top, a siphon dumps the water. By doing so it avoids drowning the roots and also sucks air into the media, necessary for healthy roots. The pond water is nitrate-rich, being the final product of the biological filter. The setup has the additional benefit that the plants suck up some of the nitrate, so it’ll help cut down how often water has to be drained from the pond. The AN race car part on the siphon was an on-hand solution when constructing the siphon.

The last picture, yup, I actually took the car out for a drive – first time in eight months – she’s just as insane as I remember 🙂