30 Jun 2008

Kimini is in storage, freeing up garage workspace (I almost thought Kimini was going to sell last Saturday, but oh well.) After a very long (and of course, hot) day the table is mostly done, leaving only the top surface left to to install. It shouldn’t have surprised me how heavy the table is; it’s a beast, enough that I had to get two neighbors to simply turn it over. As construction progresses we’ll see how smart it was going to the effort and expense of a 5′ x 10′ table as opposed to a 4 x 8 that would have been easier, cheaper, and lighter. Oh well, I won’t be whining about not having enough table space.

What’s with the hole in the center? Since it’s a 5 x 10ft table made from 4 x 8ft sheets, some puzzle-solving resulted in using three full sheets with no leftovers. It did result in being four square feet short though, so the hole has been labeled an “access port” if I have to get up under the chassis.

The big pile of boxes behind it are parts: engine, tranny, seats, pedal cluster, fenders and nose which will go on the table and everything else going underneath. Got to free up floor space so I can move around.

Once the parts are in place it’s a matter of getting everything where they’re supposed to go and see how it all fits. As was done with Kimini, I’m going to resist (very difficult) going straight to steel and will instead build a wood mockup. It saved so many goofs and much heartache that it more than makes up for its time and cost. I can see the design in my head; it’s now a matter of fine-tuning the details, especially since plans will be based on it. Much like Kimini, it has to be right the first time.