30 Jun 2011

It’s amazing just how long it takes to really finish panels beyond the basic cutting. Anyway, they’re in, then there was properly mounting the throttle cable termination. This wasn’t possible to do up until now since there wasn’t much to mount it to. For the first time I found myself working the pedals and thought, “this thing’s getting there.” The gas pedal has the proper feel and good travel, so with that done (the Clecos get replaced only after paint) there’s still more panel work. Oh, and there’ll be a dead pedal off to the left as there’s plenty of room to do so – eat your hearts out, Locost builders.

In other news, I’ve had the same beat-up boom-box in the garage ever since starting work on Kimini. Separately, we finally upgraded to a flat-screen TV (and Blu-ray… and AV receiver) about three years ago. Ever since then there’s been an annoying – and intermittent – problem with the picture and audio dropping out. The frustration was trying to figure out which unit was failing, but it would never stay failed long enough to find out which one. Even replacing both HDMI cables didn’t help, but the problem seemed to be something mechanically intermittent within the AV receiver (wriggle things around and it might start working, sometimes.) It’s been a growing annoyance because it’ll happen about 4-8 times during a movie, lasting anywhere from 1-20 seconds, and usually during some key scene, then we have to back up and see what we missed. I finally had enough of it this week and replaced the receiver (the nearest service facility was too far away to bother repairing it.) Anyway, got the new one installed and could finally enjoy a movie all the way… not. Yup, the problem was still there, dang it. After more messing about, it appears that I had bought TWO defective (and brand new) HDMI cables, each one purchased about a year apart. What are the chances of that?!

Anyway, this set the stage for ending up with a (probably) perfectly good receiver (with perhaps its HDMI issue) it’ll work perfectly fine as a receiver only. It could be sold, given away, or, moved to the garage, hah! The old boom-box, with its sucky reception and poor speakers is being replaced with this receiver along with some proper speakers. We’ll see how a simple piece of wire works as an FM antenna or if a real unit is necessary. Even though we’re not far from San Diego, we’re on the far side of some local mountains and it’s a struggle to receive much. We can pick up Los Angeles stations better, but they fade in and out. So, after 16 years, hopefully the garage will be getting some decent music. Amazing how quickly things can get upgraded when the wife’s out of town… 🙂