31 Dec 2010

Cut out the panel behind the headrests, completing the upper engine compartment, though some panels don’t have fastener holes yet. These panels, unlike on Kimini, are being made removable. As noted elsewhere, Kimini unfortunately became something of a Rubik’s cube it was built from the center out, making it all but impossible to access certain areas once they were buttoned up. Lesson learned, all the panels around Midlana’s engine compartment are being made removable increase accessibility.

Based on Kimini’s diaries, it was 3.5 years from the start of construction to first drive, then it took years more of fussing with the composite shell and doors. Midlana’s construction just passed the two-year mark so it’s going pretty well. The rough goal is to drive the car down the street and back in February, which gives time to make the front caliper brackets, plumb the front brakes, and whatever else needs to be done – things like, oh, a temporary floor! While the real floor panel is cut and drilled, the car sits so low that there’s a risk of removing Clecos over a speed bump, or perhaps worse, bending them over so they can’t be removed. The “drive down the street and back” means just that, no smoky burnout, no drifting around turns, and no multiple laps – simply a mental milepost that it can move on its own, and no doubt a reminder of the thousand loose ends.

Happy New Year everyone!