4 Apr 2010

So I’m drilling rivet hole #527 and start feeling strange, slightly dizzy – or something. Shut off the drill, things in the garage were rattling, the lights swaying, and the chassis rocking slightly – earthquake! I’ve lived in SoCal all my life and while this one wasn’t the strongest, it lasted a really long time. What’s always scary is, unlike storms or even tornados, is that when these start, there’s always the question, “is this as bad as it’ll get, or just the beginning of a much larger one?” At around 120 miles from the 7.2 epicenter I’m glad we aren’t closer. Doesn’t help to have recently seen the movie “2012”, either.

Anyway…¬†yeah, the car. Added the panels below the fuel tank and engine. The rear-most panel, the diffuser, will wait until later. Work on interior paneling will continue, then electrical.