4 Feb 2009

One thing nice about Aircraft Spruce is how fast they take care of problems; the correct part’s already on the way.

Saw this posted in a car-building forum: “… have been reading Kimini posts for months. as a matter of fact, he’s the reason I’m in this mess. love his car build and listened to him and now am convinced that rear-engine is by far the best path to follow.” I hope I guided him down a path where he’ll be happy!

Been reviewing the rear suspension and changed the type of spherical bearing to a stronger part. Since the forces on this bearing are three-dimensional it means one of the forces is applied axially, a spherical bearing’s “weak direction.” The only way to solve it is to use a larger bearing, which works out well since the OEM bolt that runs through it is too small anyway so it’ll go up a size for the larger bore.

My best friend in the world, Cooper, our dog, is getting old. He’s starting to have rear leg problems that long-time readers may recall was caused by a slipped disc years ago. Some days he’s fine and other days his rear legs are somewhat uncoordinated, making it hard for him to walk very far on our outings which he loves. He looks to me for everything, and the last thing I have to do for him is going to be very, very hard. What’s strange is how I get more emotional about him than I do at people’s funerals. Someone once told me, “treat your friends and animals as though each day is the last day you’ll see them.” I try, but it doesn’t make it any easier.