5 Oct 2008

I knowingly swapped the Miata rear uprights side-for-side to bias the upper pickup point toward the rear, making it more of a straight shot to the upper pivot points. What I didn’t realize was what I was doing to the emergency brake actuators… now pointing toward the rear of the car… doh! Fixed, it’s an awkward reach for the upper A-arm, but oh well.

The gas tank is done, complete with hanging brackets, baffles and hose connections. Since it’s triangular-shaped, not too much capacity was lost by shortening it a couple inches, improving cable routing for the shift cables and emergency brake. It does lower capacity to about 13 gallons but that’s still a decent size and, hey, it lowers the CG a bit, too. Now I know how much work I avoided by not having an emergency brake on Kimini, it’s a pain. The good news is that a stock Miata emergency brake lever and cables assemblies are used, no modifications necessary.