5 Sep 2016

Work continues on the intercooler ducting, which breaks down into three sub-zones: the duct feeding the intercooler proper, the duct transferring air from the top of the roof to the above duct, and the scoop above the windscreen. The theory is that while the shape of the ducting varies as the air moves through it, the cross-sectional area remains fairly constant. The first pictures are show how with heat, the fiberglass board is permanently curved in order to retain a downward curve toward the windscreen without stress. Looking at the later pictures, visually, the inlet part of the duct may need to be widened with a gradual upward bend to each side, rather than it just jumping straight up out of the panel. The last picture shows the inlet relative to the windscreen. Earlier, highly-scientific hand testing showed that air coming off the windscreen curves smoothly aft just a couple inches above the top edge, so the inlet was placed above that threshold to catch strong flow. The metal pieces are just weights to keep the panel flat while the epoxy sets up, to preload everything with where it’ll be once screwed down.

The tough part (for me) comes later when the fiberglass goes on, with its wrinkles, bubbles, bumps and low spots that suck up all the time trying to pretty it up in preparation for paint.