6 Dec 2010

After a lot of mocking up and double-checking the left-side side panel was cut. This was something of a big deal, both psychologically and financially. Psychologically because putting big parts on the car does wonders for a sense of progress. Financially because it’s a 8-ft long piece that was expensive to have cut (my truck is too small to easily get a 4′ x 8′ sheet home.) Anyway, all is well, and it seemed a good time to take another family picture with the incredibly handsome builder. The car is once again sitting on her own wheels and the nose has be lowered to near ride-height, it gives a better sense of its size.

The last picture shows the relationship of the nose and front tires. When it first became clear that the front tires are at the same height as the nose, and will be even taller once the front fenders are in-place – cool.

The dash cover may be redone. The first one’s okay but a little rough and perhaps best left as a learning experience. I also want to try a slightly different way of fabricating it in order to make it a lot simpler. If the redo isn’t any better, no problem, the original will do – we’ll see.