7 April

Well son of a… it “just works”, note that the bar graph and numerical RPM on the AIM MXS dash is displaying engine speed. Next is getting the oil pressure, oil temperature, and coolant temp scaled correctly. The “mv” (millivolts) units shown is a goof on AIM’s part; while technically correct (they are analog inputs) virtually no one uses “mv” units; they use psi, degrees, amps, etc. However, I have to cut them some slack since the unit is brand new to market; when I bought mine they said “you’re the first to buy one!” For a new product, that’s not always a good thing to hear(!) but it’s how the timing worked out. I’m very happy that the CAN interface works because it’s critical for my overall system. The gray bar across the top consists of 10 LED shift lights; I purposely chose a display layout with a small tachometer bar graph. The LEDs are more important when it’s time to shift, and the small barograph frees up room for other variables. There’ll eventually be two screen layouts, one for the street and one for the track, with the track layout having more timing information. The lighting in the photo isn’t great because the garage door was open and it was sunset, causing a bit of glare.