7 Mar 2010

Instead of spending the day in a cold garage, wired the dash on the kitchen table (as was done 12 years ago with Kimini’s dash.) It’s nearly done other than a couple forgotten switches and needing to tie off all the spare (white) wires. Of course the mate to the dash connector needs wiring, adding supply lines from the fuse box, and wiring various system parameters into the data logger. What’s nice is most engine parameters are in the OBD-2 message packet, so the logger automatically reads this without needing any wires. The down side is that oil temp and oil pressure aren’t measured, so I have to add sensors. What will be a bit of a time sink is calibrating the sensors, but so it goes.

Need to order a couple more switches and connectors, as a couple spares
are needed. There also needs to be connectors at strategic places in the harness so the entire mess, including the fuse box, doesn’t have to be pulled for service.