7 Sept

O-rings showed up. Looks like Summit Racing took a lesson from Mcmaster, shipping small items in big boxes and charging for it. (The weird picture formatting is due to them being from my cellphone.)

Drilled the Canton remote oil filter adaptor so that their fine swival design doesn’t swival the nut off again. With the safety wire added it should take this item off the issue list for good – bitch.

Having solved that, it left a vacancy for the next bit of drama: what sounds like an exhaust leak, but only one cylinder. It’s only audible under hard acceleration, so it should be a pretty short list: loose spark plug, leaking exhaust manifold gasket, or a cracked header primary. Since there’s another heatwave underway here I didn’t bother opening the hot engine compartment, but hopefully it’s nothing major.

The good news is that with the weaker wastegate spring back in, the closed-loop boost control is finally working well enough that I can stop messing with it.

Lastly, I’m finally moving into the new century and have been posting photos to Instagram (@midlana1). Sometimes I post impromptu pics there that I don’t post here, so please follow me there!