9 Feb 2009

Worked on the engine mounts Sunday… or should I say, engine mount. It took all day to more-or-less finish one that consists of four tubes and three brackets which, like magic, works out to a not-so coincidental 5-6 hours, just like the rule of thumb says. I’m not complaining; it’s just a reminder that the little stuff takes just as long as the big stuff, much like golf where 7″ putts are just as important as long drives.

This brings back memories of Kimini – though the difference is feeling the pressure to “hurry up already” from people who want the book. I have to be careful not to let that rush me – which surfaced Sunday. I was going to push things and weld on the mount without first welding on the drilled tabs first. Why? Because something’s being welded it gives a sense of “progress”, but a false one since it’s then much harder to attach the brackets later. So I forced myself to put down the welder and quit for the day.

Ordered a bunch of bits for the engine, mostly hardware since some of it’s missing off the donor, clutch slave cylinder, flywheel bolts, engine-to-transaxle bolts, etc, etc.

Cooper’s been feeling much better, running around like a lunatic and wanting to play tug-of-war. It’s great to see him happy, my little hairy kid. I think it’s rather telling how my mood tends to mirror how he’s feeling.