9 Jan 2010

Mocked-up one push-rod front suspension with wood. One “feature” is that a portion of the rocker-arms will stick through the hood. Is it worth compromising the geometry (100% motion ratio) to force it below the hood? I’m thinking not, leaving it as-is. The mock-up confirms that the front shocks will be shorter than the rears.

Making the wood mockup required cutting up wood fairly accurately, and the new saw worked great. Metal is cut at around 200 feet/minute (fpm), where it runs eerily silent, while wood needs around 2800-3000 fpm. That’s when an oscillation was noticed when passing through 1800 fpm or so, like the wheels are out of balance. Visually they run true, so who knows. While it doesn’t really affect me for how I use the saw, it shouldn’t be doing that. If I had to cut at that speed it wouldn’t be unacceptable. We’ll see what Grizzly says.

Forum membership continues to grow so it looks like it’ll stick around. I tend to make daily posts in there as it’s more convenient than here.