9 Jul 2010

More parts of the puzzle in place: added the coolant plumbing bits for the turbo, modified one shifter cable, and received the shorter new one, so the shifter’s officially done. Regarding the coolant system, since there will be coolant bleeds in all the high points in the system, it’s possible a swirl pot isn’t needed. Might try running without and see how it does… I’m always for simpler, lighter, cheaper, and being lazy, it’s too tempting to pass up.

Talked with another expert on Honda cooling systems and I’m more confused than before, half the experts say it goes one way, and half the other, lol. Looking at how the system’s oriented, it sure looks like the thermostat gates <em>returning</em> coolant into the engine. If the thermostat housing is removed, the eye (center) of the water pump impeller is visible. Being a centrifugal pump, they draw water into the center and accelerate it tangentially outward (just like a turbocharger.) Because of that, it’ll be plumbed the way that seems correct, then run to confirm it’s right (somewhat related to being lazy, again… 😉