9 May 2010

Scattered progress. As more items are checked off the to-do list, there’s less and less holding back taking the car off the table and getting the drivetrain back in. For now it’s rather unstructured work, just pushing along through the various tasks.

The driver’s seat is finally bolted in, allowing work on the gas pedal to progress. It’s tacked-in but has to wait until the engine’s in before final placement. The fuel filler will probably go where shown, but the drivetrain should be in place to ensure it’s not too close, though it’s not needed for dyno day.

On the other hand, the intercooler is needed, so it’s in. Coolant header tank fabrication has started, with the drain and bottom of the tank having been welded in. The two coolant feeds into the tank need adding, then the top and radiator cap added.

Both the clutch and brake plumbing needs doing, though since aftermarket front calipers will be used, they need ordering and the brackets designed and fabricated, plus the e-brake system needs doing, though it isn’t needed for dyno day, either.