9 Nov 2008

Slow work churning through the rear suspension redesign, coupled with long hectic weeks at work.

Adding colors makes an enormous difference for clarity, so much easier to see things. With a rough model of the drivetrain in place it’s apparent why tubes are being run the way they are. Note how the transaxle differential housing extends rearward, preventing simpler triangulation. Hopefully – for the last time – the rear suspension is settling down; current total bumpsteer is less than 0.020 degrees over full suspension travel. A few tubes will change and a few are missing but the difficult ones are placed.  The diffuser has been enlarged, using otherwise wasted space, currently at 12 degrees. The turbo is approximately where it’ll go, though it’s unclear if it’ll be top or bottom mount.

The large radius rear curvature of the chassis is slighly larger than the rear fenders, visually integrating the rear curved deck and fenders, or that’s the plan. The rear wheels and fenders will be rendered to see if it looks dumb or brilliant.