9 Aug 2009

The cowl is the first sheet metal component to be fabricated. Clico fasteners are awesome and I don’t know how something like this could be made without them. These misleading pictures make it look like in a few hours it went from cardboard template to “done.” Hah, there’s at least 20 hours in it and it’s not yet completely done. Endless adjustments, measuring, and trimming, over and over again. I made it tougher by having it smoothly transition around the down-tubes but think it looks pretty cool.

It turned out okay though a little rough but I’m not doing it over again. A sheet metal roller would have been really nice to smooth out the curves but oh well. I’ve seen Locost builders complaining how much work cowl fabrication is and have to agree. Not as bad as doors or electrical, but still a lot of work. There’s probably easier ways of making it but don’t know what it would be.

Anyhow, back to work tomorrow…