25 Jun 2008

Designing the chassis table. I thought 5′ x 10′ sheets of MDF existed but apparently not (I’m not sure where I got the idea.) I’ll have to make due, using 4′ x 8′ sheets to create a 5′ x 10′ work surface. A table that large will support the entire chassis, rather than having it hang over the edges – like a huge guy on a scooter.

Kimini’s storage space is all set so that’ll happen this weekend. On Sunday, work on the chassis table will begin and I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures – the first ones for the book! Things are starting to get exciting, once again.

In other news, in early October of last year I sent a book to a guy in Canada. Several weeks passed and it hadn’t arrived so I sent another free of charge. Got a note from him today that the first book arrived – seven and a half months late! Guess they aren’t kidding about Customs being backed up with Canadians buying lots of U.S. goods due to the low dollar.

15 Jun 2008

Work on the manuscript continues. This quiet time is perfect for building a strong foundation for the construction sections that are soon to follow.

I got a note from someone, frustrated in a good way that things aren’t moving along faster. That’ll happen at the end of the month where, after the big Mini Meet West event, Kimini will be put into storage. It’s near by and convenient so I can still drive it at least once a month to keep it in running order.

Anyhow, this frees up the garage and you’ll start seeing things happen. Not sure what will be first, the chassis table or the wood mockup. The mockup will happen either way, it’s just a question of whether I want it elevated or not.

5 Jun 2008

Ordered a “car pocket”, also known as a car jacket. It’s essentially a giant zip-lock bag that you drive your car into so that during storage, it keeps dust, water, bugs, and mice out of the car. Between that and a good car cover, Kimini’s going into storage until she sells.