Book Covers

Midlana, the second edition is now out - click on the picture to order!

"Well written, very informative and entertaining to boot! Plus you can pretty much build the car with not additional questions asked. Couldn't ask for more." - CJ

"Was a little Leary of price. But after purchase and pouring over material found it to be well worth the price. The information complied and explained, plus sources for parts is a real time saver if you have to find for yourself. Plans are well explained even for a newbie." - Carl Jones

"I have been building street rods and race cars for 50 years and this book has taught more than I can explain. I bought it planning to build a cool car but all the extra stuff I found in there blew my mind. Kurt talks about planning your shop to put you in a better place to accomplish your goal. He talks about tools you need and nice to have as well. I think this book is the best in my library! It was so impressive I ordered his other book Kimini and the spiral bound Midlana book as a backup! $100 seems like a lot, but you will not be dissappointed if you are a car guy with dreams of building your own car. This will be my fourth complete build I am really looking forward to the journey." - John Hancock

"I purchased Midlana and Kimini together with the expectation of having a few questions that I have about building a Locost style car answered. Midlana did so much more than just answer all of my questions, it opened my eyes to some techniques and other ways to accomplish the many tasks of building your own car from scratch. Kurts writing style is very easy to read and understand. Both of these books are worth their weight in gold, and have already paid for themselves before I even cut a tube. I would highly recommend both of these books to anyone that is thinking about building a Locost style car." - Jeremy Tanner


Probably the best way to show what the book is about is to let it do the talking. What follows is the first (and sometimes second) page of each chapter; any proprietary information has been blacked out.