1 Feb 2009

Rear main chassis tubes are in. The main diagonal and rear cross tube will wait since it makes accessing the drivetrain difficult. The chassis could be lifted off the table, leaving the drivetrain in place if I had more overhead room, oh well. I should probably tack-weld in a temporary cross-tube and diagonal just to keep things square until the real deal happens.

Received two key parts for the gas tank, a vent and filler neck, both containing one-way valves to prevent fuel spillage if inverted. The connecting rods have been ordered and sometime this week the pistons will also be ordered. Need to order the uber-cool flush mount filler cap, too. If I get tired of working on only the chassis I might build the gas tank.

Weeknights are filled with keeping the manuscript ahead of the build, creating detail drawings, writing accompanying text, and constantly reviewing and rewriting existing chapters. This is the best way to write a book like this, in parallel with the build so important notes aren’t left out. In fact, you can see a sheet of paper at the bottom of the third picture; it’s a page from the manuscript being used as directions on tube placement. This way the book you get is already tested and proven, and of course, Jim, my “beta tester” is hard at work on his chassis, too.