1 Jan 2009

Happy New Year. A big deal happens Friday, my date-with-DMV-destiny to see if I get one of the coveted 500 exemptions. The car will be built regardless but it would be great incentive to know I can drive it on the street when done rather than trailer it to the track until 2010… Anyhow, have to get up early to be first in line and even though I have an appointment it can’t hurt. I have all the receipts and forms filled out so we’ll see how it goes.

Got a couple more tubes done but quite early to goof off. Oh BTW, attention married guys: I learned a valuable lesson about how to buy a new tool. What you do is come in from the garage clutching your wrist like it’s hurt. When asked what happened, say your <em>non-variable speed</em> 1/2″ drill (the one with 8000 ft-lb of torque) jammed and twisted your hand 180 degrees (the wrong way) in around 0.05 seconds. That drill is like owning a 2000 hp commuter car, only the throttle is either 100% on or off… not pretty. Years ago I was using the same drill to put holes in railroad ties, standing over it to apply pressure, when the same thing happened and the bit jammed. The handle whipped around so fast I honestly though it had broken my leg.

Anyhow, back to the story, so then, casually mention that a variable- speed drill wouldn’t have that problem. Worked like a charm, though I don’t recommend doing what I did; my wrist still hurts and I’m waiting to see how bad it is tomorrow.  That said, the variable speed drill is indeed about a million times better. The reason I’m not using the drill press to drive the tubing notcher is because the long tubes won’t fit.

In other news, I’ve been banned from the honda-tech forum but haven’t posted in months. Here’s their “full explanation”: You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never. In 2008 the forum was bought by a large internet company and it’s gone downhill ever since due to people getting fed up and leaving. Afraid they might wipe the archives I moved a thread I created years ago, moving it somewhere safe.