1 Jul 2011

Half the year gone… hmmm.

It took several hours to figure out how to set up the too-fancy-for-my-own-good AV receiver – as a simple receiver. If I were buying one today for the garage it sure wouldn’t be this Denon. Anyway, it’s in and working and it sounds great, and thanks to Carl for reminding me that a simple dipole antenna works much better than just a piece of wire, and it does, no more listening to only 3-4 stations.

Anyway, spent the rest of the hot day drilling the panels and in general, finishing up loose ends. There’s nothing worse than leaving stuff 95% done such that nothing’s really finished, so this was an effort to fix that and provide a sense of progress. Nothing to show since the panels look the same except for mounting holes. Did I mention that it was hot? Time for a cool shower, I’m beat.