1 July 2013

Sorry about the lack of updates. By the time everything’s done the day is finished and there seems to be little time for updates. The pictures below have been sitting in the camera for a bit, so in more-or-less chronological order:

1. The oil-to-air cooler, which didn’t work well, at least at any legal road speeds. It’s being changed for an oil-to-coolant heat exchanger.
2. Ferrari F40, yes a real one, at the HRE open house event. Note the oil coolers at the rear corners.
3. Just a small part of the HRE warehouse, wheels, wheels, wheels.
4. The Chinese-import hood scoop works fine, at least until I get round to making my own. Makes the induction noise much quieter.
5. Research found that Amzoil makes better air filters than K&N… gee, I wonder why (and no, it doesn’t fit my air cleaner housing.)
6. A small rock found its way into the steering hub, preventing it from locking in-place. No idea how it got there.
7. Meziere electric water pump in-place behind the radiator. Seems to work great, and after talking with them, they really want to see Midlana.
8. Fish sex!… typically results in a lot of babies if they don’t turn round and eat the eggs.

The oil-to-coolant heat exchanger may or may not get here in time for the weekend. The car is a blast to drive, yet no different than any other sports car when in bumper-to-bumper traffic.