10 Feb 2013

Installed the Dzus fasteners to the engine cover. Was going to do the licence frame but instead decided to add a fuel pump switch on the dash – I’d meant to but forgotten to design it into the dash from the start. Fortunately there was a spare switch, though adding the wiring behind the dash took a while. The reason to have the switch is because sometimes during various testing or configuration it’s nice to be able have the ignition on but not have fuel pressure. Also, in the off chance that a strong fuel smell is noticed, it’s nice to have the option of hitting the fuel pump switch, ignition, or battery shut-off switch. You can see that the cowl panel still isn’t riveted down; it’s so much easier to access the inside of the dash with it out of the way its installation is being put off as long as possible. (At least the dash will always be removable – in many Locosts it’s not.)

Still have to set the final camber, castor, front and rear toe, and then corner-weigh the car. The pictures were taken after backing it out to move it off the carpet scraps and floor mat which would throw off the alignment process.

Since it’s getting down to the end, I’ll enquire with the DMV about getting it registered and safety inspected. Not sure how to get the car to them; they may offer a temporary registration to drive it over but I don’t like the idea of its first drive being ~10 miles on crowded streets. On the other hand I don’t have a trailer and don’t really want to rent one, so my thinking’s got to change. Then there’s insurance.