10 Jul 2011

Presto, one cubical quad antenna centered on 95 MHz. The good news is that it pulls in many Los Angeles stations that were marginal or nonexistent.┬áThe bad news is that it also brings many additional stations “almost” up out of the noise. It’s tempting to put it up into a nearby tree (instead of the attic) to further improve gain, but then it would have to be rebuilt for weather. Eh, later, there be a car to build.

It became apparent that the panel and splitter assembly above the radiator isn’t necessary if (a much simpler) partition is added just aft of the shocks (yes, DP, you were right…) Changing it avoids a fair bit of work for builders, plus some weight and material. It also makes accessing the shocks, hoses, and wires much easier, so I guess that’s that. Sigh, nothing worse than wasted work, but oh well, it only has to be fixed once. That came up as these really big louvers (“gills”, even) were being mocked-up. The trick was placing them so the A-arms could get through while retaining some level of dignity. They turned out okay but took an incredibly long time to fabricate the mockup. I like them, functional yet quirky.

Just got done watching the extra material from the the Extraordinary Deluxe Edition of Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail.” The original came out when I was in high school – a long time ago. We loved it then and it’s still great; even today quotes from it pop up now and then. If you’ve not seen it, shame on you. Go out and buy or rent it, silly English-Type Person.