10 Mar 2013

Finally did a proper tire alignment. The rears were close (it’s fairly easy to eyeball them since the bodywork at the rear is parallel to chassis centerline.) The fronts on the other hand mess with my head because of the body taper; it makes them look toed-out even when they aren’t, and makes it very easy to eyeball way too much toe-in, and there was. Fixed.

Tomorrow’s the big day. One thing that’s a little bothersome is that when the car was started so that the car could be turned around for the trailer, it seemed to be running on three cylinders sometimes… that’s a new one. And that dang fancy expensive store-bought upper radiator cap adaptor thingie continues to leak even after the O-rings were replaced. It’ll probably have to get “fixed” with epoxy.

If it passes smog (it “should” pass easily with the exemption), the insurance paperwork will be submitted in order to get that going. The purpose of holding off until now was to be sure what year the car will be registered as. That may still be up in the air however, because as far as I know, all the smog referee station deals with is setting the year for what the car will be smogged as, not the model year. It’ll probably end up as a 2013 model year with a “1960” engine. We’ll see.

Also ordered longer Dzus fasteners for a few troublesome engine cover hold-downs.