11 Jul 2008

The Honda, like most modern engines, uses one long serpentine belt to run everything. Since Midlana doesn’t have power-steering or air-conditioning, the stock belt setup won’t work; simply using a shorter belt won’t work because the routing counts on the accessories to change directions. An alternator adaptor from┬ák-tuned.com relocates the alternator to where the air-conditioner was, down near the pan, nicely lowering the CG about a foot. I ordered it now because it’ll absolutely be needed, and it’s good to have a solution now for one of the nagging issues before it’s a problem.

Ordered a Mugen oil pan which solves the oil starvation issue these engine have when run at trackday events. Researching the oil issue, while half a dozen pan makers claim to have eliminated oil starvation, only the Mugen part seems to have really done so, as attested by their customers, who grudgingly admit that while it’s expensive, it does indeed work. They got my business because I don’t want to spend time solving an oil starvation problem using my motor as guinea pig when I rather be enjoying the car. Since Mugen produces true road-race components in Japan and their cars usually win, that’s good enough for me.