11 Sept

Went over the exhaust system and found the probable leak hiding in plain sight, on top of the #4 primary at the cylinder head exhaust manifold flange. Maybe I’ll remove the header before welding, maybe not, depending on whether the TIG torch can be maneuvered into position. As noted in the Midlana book, one reason for not coating a header is for exactly this reason – if it’s coated, it can’t be repaired. It looks as though it’s been there a while, gradually growing. The header wrap probably didn’t help, either.

Regarding the oil O-ring failure last week. After it was repaired, the dry sump tank was topped off, with the thinking that it was probably about half a quart low. Added one quart, still low. Added a second quart, still low. Added a third quart, and it still wasn’t quite full. That was rather shocking, because it meant that either I’d let it get low previously, or I’d lost a lot more oil than expected. Regardless, it potentially suggests that the dry sump system may have saved the engine.

In other news, I got called for jury duty. In California, that happens as often as once a year. For the past two times, I never got called. The time before that, I got called but was excused (saying your an engineer usually displeases one lawyer). Before that, I was on one jury and the case lasted just a couple days. This time though, like watching a iceberg looming on the horizon, it was announced that there was a big case coming up that would last for weeks (the iceberg). Groups were first called for more normal cases, leaving a smaller pool of us, then an enormous group called for the major trial… (iceberg, dead ahead)… and boom, I got selected. As many of you know, it can’t be discussed until it’s over, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be a story to tell.

The downside is that it’s going to extend far beyond what our company pays for jury service, leaving me the fine choice of either using up vacation time, or “LWOP” (leaving work without pay). Such is the cost of doing one’s civic duty.