12 June 2016

It’s getting there. I had forgotten just how much of the turbo, oil, and fuel system changed, so there’s a fair bit of reworking the various hoses. The overhead shot shows the organized mayhem – there’s a surprising number of hoses in a turbo car with a dry sump!

In other news, I don’t think it was crows that got to the duck eggs. This morning there was a coyote in the backyard just looking around. What really surprised me was when he picked up a stick, threw it into the air, caught it, and starting running around the yard like a complete lunatic. Pretty sure it’s a young one because it was having the time of his/her life, just amuzing itself. About the time I wondered how it got it, it just walked toward a 6-ft fence and leaped up to the top of it, no problem.

Lastly, car progress has slowed some due to making more visits to see mom. She’s really slowing down and sadly we’ve been down this road before and know where it’s headed. Like I told someone, “I accept it but don’t have to like it.”