13 Feb

Took the car in to get the alignment checked to see how close it was to where I thought I set it. On the way there was a bit of excitement: two drivers on the freeway got into a serious case of road rage, stopping side-by-side on the freeway in the middle of heavy traffic, waving their arms and shouting at each other, then taking off, weaving in and out of traffic, then doing it all over again. During one of their “standoffs”, everyone at first came to a stop behind them, not sure what to make of it, then we all got annoyed and went around. After they finished yelling they took off again, cutting through traffic which was now ahead of them. They came right by me and I could see the guy in front was thinking of cutting into my lane, but then turned the other way – maybe the funny-looking car threw him off. I’m just glad they didn’t take out anyone and didn’t see them again; I guess one cooled off or the other got away.

The alignment. The shop had been recommended by several websites as being race car friendly and being able to accommodate low cars. It was surprising to see that instead of a high-end laser alignment rack, they used clamp-on devices and strings, not all that much different than what I do at home. At the front, camber was 1.875 degrees left and 2.1 right. Caster was 8.75 degree left and 8.5 right. Front toe was zero. At the rear, camber was 2 degrees left and 1 13/16 right. Left toe was zero and right toe was 1/32 degrees out. I had the shop change rear toe to 1/16″ in on each side for a total of 1/8″. It was very useful watching how he did the alignment, so I can do the same at home.