13 Feb 2011

Passenger seat mounts are in, just need to get the proper grip-length bolts.

A nagging issue has been the wire harness; it needs a couple connectors mid-harness so that the front-half can be disconnected from the back. As it is, there are wires that run from the ECU all the way to the front dash, but other wires on the same ECU connector that also go to the engine. So as it stands, the fuse block can’t be removed from the front of the car without also having to remove the harness off the engine – and the taillights. No, no, no… So connectors will be added in the center tunnel, along with another near the rear taillights so the rear subframe can be removed without pulling the ECU, fusebox, and headlights along with them!

And that’s about all that got done today. The reason is that over the last few weeks I have to admit I’ve been distracted, fixating on choosing a new cellphone. When I set out to get something new like this, I tend to completely over-analyze the situation, reading endless reviews and forums, and doing lots of comparison research. Anyhow, that search is finally over, finally choosing an HTC Inspire 4G. Moving to a high-end Android phone from just about anything else is kinda like owning a 1982 Honda and being tossed the keys to a new Ferrari. So with that time-sink out of my head, it’s back to thinking about the car at all hours of the day. Sorry about the diversion.