13 Mar 2011

The lighting system is done – finally. Used a headlamp with an internal turn and park bulb, a neat assembly though not real cheap. However, it avoids trying to figure out where to mount separate parking lights. A number of Locost builders have tried using modern-looking headlights, but after all the work they don’t look any better to me, so Midlana gets the traditional look. Besides, it helps the car look like a Seven and less like something where the DMV might start asking questions. As always, you’re free do as you wish on <em>your</em> car 😉

Connecting the lamp assemblies to the chassis was a combination of practicality with a sensitive to to it being out where everyone can see it, or just call it my OCD thing of deciding something has to be a certain way. The setup allows the lamps to be quickly removed for track use, unlike how the lamps were originally, with the wires running down through the hollow mounting bolt that prevented their removal altogether.