13 Mar 2013

And then there was one… I have license plates!

Almost have insurance, save for an odd quirk. Apparently when earthquakes strike, insurance companies stop offering insurance to anyone in the affected area. One can only conclude it’s money-driven, perhaps with the thinking, “well, if this little earthquake is a warning of a big one about to hit, we don’t want anyone buying insurance at the last second.” Nice huh? Why screw just a few people when you can screw everyone…

Anyway… I’m old enough to know when to keep my mouth shut, and they seem to think that I’ll be “allowed” to give them hundreds of dollars later this week once the freeze is lifted. Okay.

On the car, added vent lines for the fuel tank, PCV valve, and coolant overflow tank. All three exit out the bottom of the car at center-rear. The thinking is that way, fuel, oil, and coolant are kept far from the tires in order to avoid causing a potential spin.

Very very close now.