14 Aug 2016

I’m beat. The car’s ready to start but the heat and humidity were enough to call it a day a bit early. Well, that, and neighbors talking forever in their driveway and I didn’t feel like an audience – and a wife wanting to go to the store.

Anyway, the pictures pretty much tell the story. On a whim I decided to have the wastegate exhausts stay separate from the turbo. Performance-wise it’s a good idea, though noise-wise we’ll have to see. It isn’t that different since before, the wastegates dumped into the exhaust pipe about 4″ from the end, so that didn’t make any sense running it that way without a muffler. Also on a whim I decided the exhausts would look nice exiting on centerline directly below the license plate. Though they don’t look like it, they are long enough that they’ll extend through the screen once it’s added.

The wastegate exhaust tubing is rather floppy due to the flex joints, which is a good thing. Still to fabricate is a small “shelf” that the exhausts will be rest on, held in place with springs.