14 Dec 2014

Long term readers will recall that reinforcing was added to one of the trusses supporting the shade cloth above our fish pond. That was several years ago, and while it’s still there, recent rains have finally brought doom to other parts of it, though not unexpectedly. Dry rot, termite damage, and rot cause by some posts being in contact with the soil are finally doing it in. Two trusses came down overnight, taking with them their posts. Today was quality time spent with the chainsaw, cutting up the downed trusses, the posts, and the long truss in the picture which wasn’t looking good either. Then there was carrying it all piece by piece around to the side yard – I’m pooped.

Some people asked why I’m taking out the shading, deck, and wonderful fish pond which have been with us for more than 20 years. The answer is the drought, cost of electricity, the expense to fix the existing deck and covering, and yes, the liability which has always been at the back of my mind. The plan is that the area will become a vegetable and herb garden. It will be interesting to see whether the water bill actually goes down though; I suspect that evaporation off a pond versus plants of the same square footage might actually be less, but we’ll see. The equipment and Koi will be sold to members of the local Koi club and we’re really going to miss the fish. Anyone who’s owned Koi will understand; those who don’t, won’t.