15 May 2009

Finished the swirl tank. It needs leak-testing and brackets added, but both have to wait until the ductwork is in place.

Quit early and spent time on the manuscript. It’s flushing out well, with topic stubs being added as they’re thought of (serving as reminders) and other sections being filled with content. A “Tips and Techniques” chapter is filling up with good stuff and should prove useful, especially since it shows how to solve various fabrications issues on Midlana in particular. Right now it’s at 140 pages.

Next will be modifying the radiator – pointing the lower inlet the correct direction. Also received a radiator filler neck which gets welded to the coolant accumulator tank. Or maybe the center tunnel (such as it is) will be worked on. I’m curious how the emergency brake, shifter, and seatbelt mounts will design themselves. That’s not rhetorical, stuff really does seem to design itself, it’s just a matter of letting it – it’s hard to explain.

Cooper’s running and barking in his sleep… must be chasing a rabbit. And farting, ugh.