15 Sep 2009

You may recall we were going to have our roof redone and it’s finally underway. It’s a sad reminder of the level of workmanship which can occur even from people you’re giving money to. For example, today they delivered shingles in a truck with a conveyor belt that puts them on the roof. Of course they wanted to get as close as possible so they wouldn’t have to carry them far on the roof.

What were they thinking? Are they thinking? Do they care? They’d probably laugh to learn they’ll never be allowed to work on Midlana with their demonstrated lack of care and workmanship. Running over a plant and cracking the cement… I’d be embarrassed if I did that, but apparently with this line of work comes the attitude, “f*ck it – not my house.” What a sad matra to live by. Is it a big deal? No,┬áit’s just a bit depressing that the people who care seem to be the exception to the rule.