16 Jan 2011

Brake caliper adaptor brackets are done. Of course there’s pressure to install helicoils and get the brackets on the uprights so the brakes can be mounted and plumbed, all so that the “first drive” can happen. If that’s done though, the helicoils will have to be removed before they’re hard-anodized because there can’t be any steel on the part when it goes through the process. The second picture shows the bracket setting in the upright loose – don’t be concerned, it’ll square-up after the bolts are tightened.

In the last picture, ever see such wide and oddly-colored TIG welds? Nope, it’s actually brazed! This is what’s possible when a pro does it, and is proof that an expensive TIG welder isn’t needed to make a chassis, just lots and lots of skill.

I was given some good-natured ribbing about the dome light, how a $3 LED flashlight would work just as well, point taken. And then there was, “I can’t wait to see the pictures of the five cup-holders!” You know, we’ll see who’s laughing after a hot double soy latte dumps in someone’s lap – yes there will be cup-holders! Just because it’s a  homebuilt car doesn’t mean it has to be a knuckle-dragger as far as being civilized go.