16 Jun 2009

Thank you very much for the dozens of condolences for Cooper; it’s clear there are many dog owners who’ve gone through this same thing (and others who are about to). I knew I signed up for this yet it doesn’t make it any easier; who thinks of the sad parts when getting a pet? Sharing a pet in our lives is to live life and share ours with another – companionship. The notes I received contain many heartfelt words that could have only come those who’ve experienced this. I sincerely thank everyone.

As rough as this is I very much plan to get another dog (though my wife’s is not, having lost three herself.) I even stopped by the pound on the way home, walked in, looked at the first dog and whoa, too soon, losing my composure right there. It was the way they were looking at me, like they could see something. Regardless, no more dogs from breaders. Once I realized how many thousands of animals there are in local pounds made me vow to never again pay a breeder – there are way, too many unloved dogs in our pounds that need a home. Then there’s the health issues with purebreds and in fact one time my Vet once said somewhat sympathetically about Cooper, “Poor little guy just has a bad set of genes.”

Anyhow, life moves on, Jeremy of Drag Cartel sent a few pictures of my block in-work at ERL. It’s being align-bored, sleeved, and even runs through a vibration process called Meta-Lax to relieve stresses inside the block. Once it’s shipped back to Jeremy he’ll get to work assembling it so I have to press onward.