17 Mar 2019

Built wall shelves to the right of the mill. The idea is to get stuff up off the floor to free up what little space there is. Also, the shelves are placed such that I’ll have less of an ordeal swapping the 80-lb vise and dividing head. It’s also a place to spread out all the cutters and raw stock so I can find what I’m looking for, rather than having it all buried in a box somewhere. The lack of shelves at lower-left is to provide clearance for moving up to 4-ft tall sheet material to behind the free-standing shelf at far left. It’s about the only place to store to stuff, so it needs some way to be accessed. At far right, next to the door, is for standing tubing vertically. Before, it was leaned against the wall and either falling over or blocking the door. Midi appreciates the easy way in now.

Currently, there are a number of competing tasks; with us moving into Spring, the yard is pushing its way toward the top of the list. As far as Midlana-related tasks, first is to fix that pesky alternator bracket, like I keep saying I’ll do… I know, I know.

I don’t know what’s going on with the pictures. They used to work… they all work on earlier posts, but this month’s and last months fail to display a thumbnail, yet will show up if you click where they’re supposed to be. Another fussy thing to correct.